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SD Trauma began its activity in 2011 as official distributor of Smith & Nephew in Catalonia.

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We have created a multidisciplinary team, coming from our sector, fully dedicated to offer quality services and products.

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Our representatives have more than 20 years of experience in the trauma, orthopaedics and sports medicine sector.

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Have you ever had a lower limb amputation and you’re looking for an alternative to your traditional socket prosthesis?

We offer the OGAP-OPL implant, a revolutionary system designed in Australia by Professor Munjed Almuderis. It combines robotic technology with orthopaedic surgery to connect the femur with a prosthetic limb.



Is your fracture taking longer than normal to consolidate? Are you a sportsman/woman with a fresh fracture and you need to start practicing as soon as possible?
EXOGEN is a safe and scientifically tested device that activates and accelerates the biological process of bone healing by means of Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound (LIPUS).


Smith & Nephew Ultrabutton https://sdtrauma.com/en/

As official distributors of Smith & Nephew we offer differential solutions such as the Oxinium prosthetics in hip and knee (JOURNEY), the plating system (EVOS) and the adjustable fixation device system (ULTRABUTTON).


Bioventus has received notice of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) concerning the indication of EXOGEN for treatment of long bone fractures with nonunion.

EXOGEN uses low intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) to stimulate the body’s bone healing process and to promote the fracture healing. It has 86% healing rate in nonunion and offers a 38% faster healing time of fresh fractures.

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Despite improvements in design of socket prosthetics to reduce friction and weight bearing issues, chronic skin problems still affect 1/3 of individuals with transfemoral amputation who use this kind of artificial limb.

Osseointegration avoids these problems as the prosthetic limb is directly connected to the human skeleton. Some of the advantages of osseointegration are: improve control and stability, better fixation, higher sitting comfort, larger hip range of motion, better body perception, recuperation of osseoperception, increase walking ability, improved functional capacity and overall increase in quality of life.

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Bioventus LLC is currently running an observational, non-intervantional study to demonstrate the ability of EXOGEN Ultrasound Bone Healing System to mitigate the risk of fracture progression to non-union in patients with known risk factors. The BONES (Bioventus Observational Non-interventional EXOGEN Studies) has a unique design and was finalized with the FDA’s oversight and support.

The BONES study started in October 2017 with an estimate of 3000 enrolled patients that will be followed for 9 months post fracture. The study will include long and small bones of the upper and lower extremities; patients excluded from the study will be the ones with diagnosed non-union, mal-union, osteomyelitis, bone cancer, concurrent fractures and pathological fractures.
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Understanding Low Back Pain in Traumatic Lower Limb Amputees: A Systematic Review https://sdtrauma.com/en/2019/09/02/understanding-low-back-pain-in-traumatic-lower-limb-amputees-a-systematic-review/

Traumatic injuries can lead to amputations of lower limbs at different levels (transfemoral, transtibia, knee disarticulation and transpelvic) and compared to the general population, a high percentage of these patients suffer from chronic lower back pain: 31%-37% vs. 47.7%-76.6%. In fact, there is evidence that low back pain is more bothersome than any other kind of pain is the amputee population.

Low back pain is considered a multidimensional and multifactorial condition; physical, biomechanical, physiological and personal factors all contribute to its incidence.  The objective of this study is to review the literature for prevalence, mechanical etiologies and consequences of low back pain for lower extremity traumatic amputees…

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