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SD Trauma began its activity in 2011 as official distributor of Smith & Nephew in Catalonia.

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We have created a multidisciplinary team, coming from our sector, fully dedicated to offer quality services and products.

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Our representatives have more than 20 years of experience in the trauma, orthopaedics and sports medicine sector.

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Have you ever had a lower limb amputation and you’re looking for an alternative to your traditional socket prosthesis?

We offer the OGAP-OPL implant, a revolutionary system designed in Australia by Professor Munjed Almuderis. It combines robotic technology with orthopaedic surgery to connect the femur with a prosthetic limb.



Is your fracture taking longer than normal to consolidate? Are you a sportsman/woman with a fresh fracture and you need to start practicing as soon as possible?
EXOGEN is a safe and scientifically tested device that activates and accelerates the biological process of bone healing by means of Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound (LIPUS).


Smith & Nephew Ultrabutton https://sdtrauma.com/en/

As official distributors of Smith & Nephew we offer differential solutions such as the Oxinium prosthetics in hip and knee (JOURNEY), the plating system (EVOS) and the adjustable fixation device system (ULTRABUTTON).


United Kingdom still recommends EXOGEN to avoid surgeries and to reduce costs, an alternative that could also facilitate waiting lists management https://sdtrauma.com/en/

As a consequence of COVID-19, waiting lists for surgical interventions have reached a historical peak in Catalunya1 and the healthcare system has no budget left to manage them.2

In the last Clinical Guide for the Management of Trauma and Orthopaedic Patients during the Coronavirus Pandemic published on April 14th 2020, the NHS states that there will be a change towards non-surgical therapies as a result of the pressure on the healthcare system.3

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Treatment of fractures and bone defects at home with EXOGEN #StayatHome https://sdtrauma.com/en/2020/03/31/treatment-of-fractures-and-bone-defects-at-home-with-exogen-stayathome/

EXOGEN is a low intensity ultrasound (LIPUS) designed to treat bone defects such as: acute fractures, delays in consolidation, pseudoarthrosis, stress fractures, osteotomies and bone lengthening without leaving home#Stay at home

The EXOGEN kit is very easy to use and has everything you need to use it without requiring assistance. Each user has multiple tools to be guided in the placement, start-up and maintenance of their EXOGEN, which offers complete autonomy in your treatment.

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Osseointegration allows better mobility that socket prosthetics for lower limb amputees and fractures have rarely been reported.

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Risk Factors for Nonunion in Patients with Intracapsular Femoral Neck Fractures Treated with Three Cannulated Screws Placed in Either a Triangle or an Inverted Triangle Configuration https://sdtrauma.com/en/

Femoral neck fractures are associates with a high nonunion rate. In this study we evaluate the risk factors that influence progression to nonunion in patients treated with parallel cannulated screws placed in triangle (one proximal + two distal) or inverted triangle (two proximal + one distal) position.

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Vall d’Hebron performs implants in the femur that allow to put and remove a prosthesis with a click.

Jose Bellart, 73, was the first of three patients operated on a single-time osseointegration surgery program at Vall D’Hebron Hospital, promoted by surgeon Dr. Pablo Corona.

In José’s case, he suffered a transfemoral amputation in 2007 due to a motorcycle accident and has been fighting for 12 years with his conventional fitting prosthesis.

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The Effects of Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound Upon Diabetic Fracture Healing https://sdtrauma.com/en/

This study compares the consolidation process of femur diafisal fractures of a group of healthy rats (n=15), a group of rats with Diabetes Mellitus (n=15) and a group of rates with Diabetes Mellitus treated with LIPUS low intensity pulsed ultrasound (n=15).

The parameters used where: PCR and ELISA for the measurements of growth factors, histomorphometry for cartilage formation and inmunohistopathology for neovascularization of the fracture site.

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Bioventus has received notice of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) concerning the indication of EXOGEN for treatment of long bone fractures with nonunion.

EXOGEN uses low intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) to stimulate the body’s bone healing process and to promote the fracture healing. It has 86% healing rate in nonunion and offers a 38% faster healing time of fresh fractures.

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