How to use Exogen

Everybody needs some time of inactivity. However, a bone fractures may cause much more time of inactivity than desired, especially when fractures take more than normal to heal, or they don’t heal at all.

With only 20 minutes a day of safe and painless treatment, you may increase and/ or restore the bone healing of your fracture that never healed up properly (what we call a ‘NONUNION’).

At home, at your convenience

The daily use is essential so that EXOGEN works.

Therefore, this device is small, light and very easy to use, having an inner-use monitor that automatically registers date, hour and duration of every treatment (previously prescribed by your doctor) so that you can follow up your daily progress of your bone healing.

It has been proven that EXOGEN works, but only if it is used every day, upon prescription.

Instructions are very easy to follow. Now we will show you two videos of how to use EXOGEN. One of them, if you have a splint; and other free resources that will help you guarantee a treatment experience without any problems.

How to use Exogen

How to use Exogen with a splint

Turn your inactivity time into healing time!