Solutions to fracture fixation

Proximal Tibia Plate RT Periloc Catalogue

System of Periarticular Anatomical Plates with blockage 

The System of Periarticular Anatomical Plates with Blockage PERI-LOC offers in only one system the advantages of the blockage plates, apart from the flexibility and benefits of the traditional plates.

Using both blockage screws and standard ones, PERI-LOC gives a resistant setup to the angular collapse (ex. varus/valgus) as well as acting as an effective support, in the reduction of the fracture. A simple and easy-to-use gear kit. It includes screwdriver, standardized broaches and tools identified by a colour code, turning PERI-LOC into a very effective and untroubled system.

Periloc PFP Femur Proximal Catalogue

Carachteristics and advantages of its design 

Fractures of proximal femur are difficult injuries, prone to lead to a multiplicity of complications. Factors such as rotational instability, the presence of varied fractures, patterns and complex deforming forces, and the frequent association of these fractures with a low bone quality require dedicated implants for the optimal fixation of the fracture.

The 4.5-mm proximal femur blockage plate offers up to six individual screw options to the proximal femur for a better intraoperative stability.

An anatomically-arched axis, which maximizes the plate cover to the bone stretching downwards to the femur axis, guarantes an optimal anatomical adjustment of the implant.

The minimally-invasive procedure is granted by a radiotransparent directional system, designed to reduce the damage potential to the soft tissue or the interruption in blood flow.

Periloc Anterolateral Distal Tibia Catalogue

Unlike any other

The anterolateral distal tibia blockage plate PERI-LOC 

is the only distal tibia blockage of its kind. Having a top-design contour, the plate holds to the anterior metaphysis and it’s ideal to control anterior-impact injuries. Distally, the plate angles. Medially, to give an enhanced adjustment as long as it gets closer to the ankle joint.

The most distal screws run parallel to the joint to establish the realignment during the reduction. Having the capacity to place blockage or non-blockage screws in every hole, the PERI-LOC implants grant an anatomical adjustment with several options.

Periloc Medial Distal Tibia Catalogue

Anatomical accuracy for a precise placing 

The medial distal tibia blockage plate PERI-LOC is contoured with a low profile to adapt to the medial distal tibia anatomy. It has a very thin reed that may be contoured to provide a strenghtening to the medial malleolus. There are four screws parallel to the ankle joint which diverge, something which grants an optimal fixation.

Lateral Proximal Tibia Plate Periloc Catalogue

Simplified stability

The proximal tibia blockage plate PERI-LOC gives surgeons an optimal placing and stability regarding screws, providing an anatomical contour and the capacity to obtain maximum fixation in the metaphysis. The back inclination of the plate allows placing three screws parallel to the joint, which provides a fixed-angle device that avoids whichever varus/valgus collapse. With its precontrolled design and the capacity of blocking or non-blocking screws, they adapt to the PERI-LOC proximal tibia blockage plate and they adjust to the bone surface to give more adherence, even in the osteoporotic bone.

Trigen humeral Nail system Catalogue

The humeral nail, a solution you can trust

With distal orientation TRIGEN ™ SURESHOT ™, the whole system increases precision and reduces radiation associated to distal cases. The increase of fluoroscopy timing in cases of humeral fracture may mean a greater exposition in radiation. TRIGEN SURESHOT Distal Targeting System use allows taking total control.

The first and the only virtual one in real time. Having a system of images for easier and more precise procedures:

• Continuously visual in real time in order to guarantee correct addressign and angle in drilling.
• Computerised calibration for perfect circle when it’s targeting it.
• Free fluoroscopy during distal blockage in order to reduce radiation to exposition.


Looking for fast healing?

TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME FAST FX struts make fracture reduction easier and faster than ever.
In the acute reduction mode, struts allow using the frame as fracture-reduction device. The frame is fixed to the bone. In the gradual mode, FAST FX struts allow a fine adjustment until FAST FX offers the perfect corrections we await from TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME.


A revolutionary but simple solution. To correct traumas and deformities. 

TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME fixator is the most advanced external system in the world. It is a fixation system that combines a easy-to-use application, proven stability and effectiveness with the incomparable precision of computerised corrections.


External fixation system

ILIZAROV is an external fixation system indicated for:

  • Correction of deformities of bone or soft tissues, especially in cases of elongations, both in femur, tibia and humeros or forearm.
  • Elongation of extremities due to epiphyseal or metaphyseal distraction.
  • Contracture of post traumatic  joint having resulted in a loss of movement magnitude.
  • Fractures and diseases that, generally, may result in joint contractures or loss of movement magnitude; also, fractures that require distraction.
  • Open and closed fixation of fracture.
  • Pseudoarthritis of long bones.

Trigen InterTAN short Nail Catalogue

Geared for stability…

TRIGEN INTERTAN nail brings state-of-the-art technology of TRIGEN nails to hip fractures with a unique integrated interlock nail construction. TRIGEN INTERTAN NAIL not only grants all benefits of a traditional IM interlock surgery but it does also increase stability and resistance to the intraoperatory and postoperatory rotation of the femoral head.

Trigen InterTAN Messaging Brochure Catalogue

The fastest-growing bone fracture segment in the world

Rotation control provided by the nails integrated in the femoral neck and head, and also by the trapezoidal shape of the proximal femur nail, which help combating the forces that cause instability and collapse in the varus.

Trigen Humeral Nail System Catalogue

Discover an easier system, and the most advanced. 

The Trigen humeral Nail System catalogue grants new possibilities for the treatment of Humeral Proximal Fractures.

Having multiplanar screws adjusting into the nail to inhibit the nail proximal closure, plus effective and simple tools.

Con tornillos multiplanares que se enroscan en el clavo para inhibir el cierre proximal del tornillo e instrumentación sencilla y efectiva. The TRIGEN system protects soft tissues and provides an effective intramedullary nail  for the humeral fracture handling. 

Trigen Meta-Nail Semi-extended Catalogue

Can we align a tibia being subtle and not brute? 

The new TRIGEN ™ semiextended tools ease the intramedullary interlocking procedures of the tibia with less flexion in the knee joint. The reduced flexion leads to a minor pull of the quadriceps mechanism, helping to avoid fractures.  Malreductions and misalignments.

Trigen Meta-Nail Femoral Catalogue

Screwing system for a better fixation 

The latest incorporation to TRIGEN. Intramedullary nails family. Having a complete range of sizes, the retrograde femoral nail is an integral approach to the treatment of femoral fractures.

Trigen Meta – Nail Tibial Catalogue

Screwing system for a better fixation

The latest incorporation to TRIGEN. Intramedullary nails family. Having a complete range of sizes, the retrograde tibial nail is an integral approach to the treatment of tibial fractures.

Trigen Hindfoot Fusion Nail Catalogue

Freedom to choose your fusion 

Having divergent screw angles and several sizes in screws, TRIGEN Hindfoot Fusion Nail allows you to decide.
Every patient, their choice.

UPL foot “A step forward” Catalogue

Is there a system of plates, having the most advanced technology, with which we can treat all of these patients? 

A surgeon dedicated to treat the complexities related with foot and ankle may have to treat several patients a day; every one of them, with their complications, having to be treated in a distinct way.

Besides, every surgeon may have different needs. We may approach a surgical treatment in a different way from the foot and ankle specialists in another city.