Two toes with endolog
correct hallux valgus

What is Endology?

ENDOLOG is a surgical implant for the treatment of Hallux Valgus.

The main feature of the system refers to the curvilinear component which, when inserted into the canal after metatarsal osteotomy, opposes three different points: in the lateral cortex with respect to the apex of the curvature near the proximal metaphysis with respect to the distal part of the sole and the lateral surface of the metatarsal head for the sole in the form of a flat plate, ensuring excellent stability in the absence of rotation or tilt in the metatarsal canal.

Endolog Placement Graphic

What Hallux Valgus can correct?


Light: IMA <11°; MTF <20°


Moderate: IMA>11°<16°; MTF >20 <40°


Serious: IMA>16°<18°; MTF > 40°

Clinical appearance

The implant provides a stable but not rigid summary distal osteotomy with:

  • Significant improvements in all clinical parameters evaluated preoperatively
  • A rapid postoperative normalization:
    • without pain
    • with good alignment
    • disappearance of areas of plantar hyperkeratosis
    • no stiffness


  • Simplicity of the surgical technique
  • Low learning curve
  • Shorter surgical times
  • Brief hospital stay (Day surgery – 24 hours)
  • Recovery of walking already in the immediate postoperative period with flat-soled shoes, only in the case of surgical correction of the associated little fingers (otherwise, with large and comfortable shoes for walking)