Action mechanisms

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Graphic explaining what exogen does internally

Mechanical effect

As the low-intensity ultrasonic wave comes into contact with the fracture site, it causes minute vibrations called nanomovements.


Integrin activation

These nanomovements stimulate the activation and aggregation of integrins; proteins found on the surface of the bone cell membrane.


Release of proinflammatory factors and cascade activation

Integrins release pro-inflammatory substances that enhance cell adhesion and differentiation as well as increase the secretion of growth factors.


Clinical response

The visible results of the previous processes are: the formation of new vessels, the formation of cartilage and bone through the differentiation of cells into chondrocytes and osteoblasts, the enhancement of bone remodeling and the increase in mineral supply to the bone.

ultrasound bone healing system

Results in each phase of bone healing



EXOGEN stimulates mitosis (cell reproduction) of fibroblasts and osteoblasts of the periosteum and activates growth factors responsible for angiogenesis (formation of new vessels).

bone in a state of inflammation

Soft callus

EXOGEN increases the expression of transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β) which plays an important role in the formation and proliferation of chondrocytes.

Bone forming the soft callus

Hard callus

EXOGEN acts on the differentiation process of stem cells into osteoblasts and increases the uptake of minerals such as calcium and phosphate by osteoblasts to improve the strength and structure of new bone.

Bone forming the hard callus

Bone remodeling

EXOGEN accelerates the process of mineralized callus formation and resorption of bone tissue.

Bone healed
ultrasound bone healing system

Osteoinduction technology