Excellent result of the third case of the Australian Osseointegration Group in Spain.

Leg stump

Vicky got hit by a car 35 years ago. She was 18 years old and the accident caused an amputation of her left leg, due to the injuries caused by it. Since then, she has been struggling with her conventional socket prosthesis.

Meanwhile, without 'wasting time', she has always been informed about the Osseointegration Prosthesis, until she met Dr. Pablo Corona and was finally able to achieve her dream of walking again.

It was not easy for him, he did not have them all, since his case was very special due to his short femoral stump. We had to adapt the postoperative rehabilitation protocol.

After years without being able to use the cavity, functionality has been recovered, and with it, his smile... Dr. Pablo Corona tells us on his Instagram social network, ending with the sentence:

‘With such brave patients (…perhaps too brave…) things are much easier…’ (LINK TO INSTAGRAM POST…)

Vicky is the third patient operated on at the Vall D'Hebron Hospital by Dr. Pablo Corona, promoter of the Australian Osseointegration Group in Spain.

Soon, we will publish a special interview with Victoria about her case.